Small Format Unjuried Show 2010: Enchanted Pathways

New Mexico was host to the 2010 version of the American Tapestry Alliance unjuried small format tapestry exhibit: Enchanted Pathways.

By now the members of the Damascus Fiber Arts School are looking forward to a cohesive project with a special interpretation of the theme.   We decided to use SHOES as our theme.  After all, one needs to get down that pathway in some manner.

This time we chose to use a common palette and yarn.  We had several dyeing sessions to make the colors requested.  I think we dyed 36 different pots of Shepherd’s Shade yarn from the Brown Sheep Company in Nebraska.

Eighteen weavers participated in this group challenge.  We later showed our portion of this exhibit at two other venues in our area- Timberline Lodge and the Sandy Public Library.