Small Format Unjuried Show 2014: Untitled/Unjuried

Janet Austin chaired the 2014 version of the unjuried small format show put on by the American Tapestry Alliance.  The show was in her home state of Rhode Island.  Some people had expressed a desire to have no theme, so that became the theme, “Untitled/Unjuried.”

Of course, the members of the Damascus Fiber Arts School like to stick together so we decided to make our theme “Bugs: All Dressed Up.”  It was a theme that could be interpreted in many ways.  It also went along with the theme of our big exhibit coming up in 2015 at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center in Tillamook, Oregon.  That larger show was called “All Dressed Up” and featured about 65 tapestries, if I remember correctly.

These dressed up bugs are shown in the tapestries of 17 weavers.  Some are realistic bugs, spiders, moths, beetles, crabs, butterflies and lady bugs.  Some are more humorous, like the beetle with a top hat and cane, or the bug squished under the high-heeled shoe.  Others are abstract, like “Native Spirit of the Water” or “Spider Spirit: Nah-ahsh-jayee Ahs-dzah.”  Each one has  a story to tell.