Terry Olson Tapestry

Terry Olson lives and weaves in the the great State of Oregon.

On this new website I will publish photos of my tapestry weaving and other creative endeavors.  I weave at home, on a hilltop outside of Oregon City.  I teach tapestry at the Damascus Fiber Arts School (and other places when asked). I volunteer for the American Tapestry Alliance.  I recently made a Facebook page also.

I would love to consider teaching a workshop for your group, just ask me…

Alexandria Falls
Alexandria Falls
Arthur's Prairie
Arthur’s Prairie
The Milk Maid and the Boss
The Milk Maid and the Boss
Variation (49) on Blue and Green Music
Variation (49) on Blue and Green Music

10 thoughts on “Terry Olson Tapestry”

  1. Love the box bags. I want to learn how to make them. Do you have instructions/directions? Also want to join your blog/newsletter. If I may?


    1. Kantu, I do not have a subscription service as I don’t write regularly and have not yet felt the need. Please check in occasionally until then. Regarding the cardboard box weaving, Sarah Swett wrote the book on it. Her booklet is available on etsy.com. You can also check out her blog (an excellent one) at http://www.afieldguidetoneedlework.com

  2. Thanks Terry, such hospitality!
    I’ll send a check from home. Please use it for yourself or to the wonderful school you and Audrey have!
    Best, Joyce Noordmans

  3. Th amazement o you work has ins pried me to leave my 16 harness loom and do more tapestry. Thank tou for the motivation. I am looking forward to great adventures in tapestry.

  4. Thank you so much for your Blog treat today for the ATA. I never realized how wonderful slits could be in their use. Do you have a place to subscribe to your everyday Blog?

  5. Terry, Fun to meet you at Tink and Ink today. Will hope to get to Damascus when I’m in OR in Spring. Would love a schedule of any special workshops. Also, what accommodations does Damascus have if I were to drive up from Newport for a two day ? Aloha, Ruth

  6. Love the website. It’s really great seeing so many of your pieces on in one place. It can be difficult finding space to hang all of them in one’s house, so to see them here is just swell.

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