Terry Olson Tapestry

Terry Olson lives and weaves in the the great State of Oregon.

On this website I will publish photos of my tapestry weaving and other creative endeavors.  I weave at home, on a hilltop outside of Oregon City.  I teach tapestry at the Damascus Fiber Arts School (and other places when asked). I volunteer for the American Tapestry Alliance.  I also have a Facebook page.

I have been spending a lot of time with Mom at doctor’s offices, but these are some of my more recent pieces. To see the whole image, click on the thumbnail.

12 thoughts on “Terry Olson Tapestry”

  1. Hi Terry,
    This is not a reply, but a question. Couldn’t find where to just ask a question.

    I’m a novice tapestry weaver in Spokane, WA and just beginning my term as president of our local handweaver’s guild. There are a few of “us” tapestry weavers in the group and I’m interested in learning about your options for a workshop. I love your work! Bag on a Box is an option or whatever else you offer.

    Please send me information about options, both types of presentations and length – ie, number of days, hours, etc. and your cost. We assume that travel, lodging, food, etc are part of the package!

    I’m a former Oregonian who keeps trying to keep the webs alive between my toes!

    Mary Jackson

  2. Love the box bags. I want to learn how to make them. Do you have instructions/directions? Also want to join your blog/newsletter. If I may?


    1. Kantu, I do not have a subscription service as I don’t write regularly and have not yet felt the need. Please check in occasionally until then. Regarding the cardboard box weaving, Sarah Swett wrote the book on it. Her booklet is available on etsy.com. You can also check out her blog (an excellent one) at http://www.afieldguidetoneedlework.com

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