Inner Spaces

Fascinated when the Chauvet Cave was discovered in France, I wove this series from the photos taken by the adventurers. Since the cave should remain safe from as many humans as possible, this is one way to share the images. These were woven on a Navajo style loom with hand-dyed singles yarn.

Chauvet Bison
Chauvet Lions

For the American Tapestry Alliance Small Format International:2 juried competition with the theme “Passages” I wove Chauvet Cave-Passage through Time. It is a single tapestry with three panels, like a comic. First you see the boots of a cave explorer with his head in the entrance hole, the passage. In the center you see the explorer coming into the cave, with his flashlight shining on the cave paintings across the room. On the right, we travel through the passage of time to 35,000 years ago when the cave dweller is using firelight to see while he creates the images. It wasn’t accepted into the show but remains a favorite of mine. It is about 15″ x 6″.

Chauvet Cave- Passage through Time